Sunday, May 13, 2012

Size 8 is the new size 4!

Are you one of those who think that they will someday sell their clothes or hand them down to their younger sister or wish that someday they’d fit in them again?

If you ask me, my answer is yes, yes, and yes. Shoes are no question, but yes, I am also guilty of hoarding clothes. My excuse is that I mostly buy versatile pieces that I can accessorize, mix and match regardless of the season.

Anyway, focusing on what I want to write about…

Have you noticed the size of your older pieces compared to your recent outfits? And I don’t mean your last season’s purchases. I am referring to your vintage wardrobe, even including your classic collections from the 80’s or 90’s…they run 4-6 sizes smaller than today’s clothing sizes!

Most women may be on denial, but today’s outfits are designed to satisfy buyers’ wishes to appear thin and feel better about themselves, a phenomenon called “vanity sizing.” I pulled out this floral-print fitted pencil mini skirt from The Limited that I’ve had since early 90’s. It is a size 8 and is snug on me. I am now 5 pounds heavier, and size 4 of the same brand fits me comfortably!

And by the way, high end-designers do just the reverse of vanity sizing in that their garments are sized smaller than average RTWs of the “same” size. So when you shop vintage or signature pieces to add to your collection, be prepared for shock and awe!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Hat or Not To Hat

Oh no, it is not merely for bad hair days; not just for English weddings - which by the way you are not obligated to wear if you are not one of the principals; not only a must wear at the Derby - frankly I find most of them hideous!

Back in the old days, they were worn for protection from the elements especially to warm babies before hats were fashion adornment for formal gatherings defining ones social status and worn to get noticed.

During the wars, hats have taken aback until once again popularized in the 80’s by the Princess of Wales, Diana. Today, who doesn’t have a hat? Wearing it is no longer a differentiator of rank in society but an expression of art as part of daily accessories.

There are still the traditional vintage Victorian hats, minus the real dead birds of course. And then there are beanies for winter, fun Mardi Gras hats, sporty visors, the western style for that cowboy image, and the most popular…. caps with embellishments and logos that are worn backwards or sideways or sometimes inside out while upside down.

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