Monday, February 10, 2014

Love is in the air...

…literally, in the air as I write this while en route to Miami =)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  This overly hyped, romantic Hallmark holiday started out as a liturgical celebration of the Feast of Saint Valentine.  Though the legend of Valentine’s Day is a bit mysterious as there are at least three saints named Valentinus, all of who were martyred and recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.  One thing is certain, this is the second busiest holiday of the year for the maker of greetings card, even with digital e-cards online (TIP: Never send Valentine e-cards!)

Counting down to the date, she hopes that he is planning the most love-filled celebration, deciding whether it’s a traditional teddy bear-chocolates-flowers package, a sweet pink flask and cigarette case combo,

a Sydney Evan 14-karat gold love stud diamond earrings from Neiman Marcus,

or The Girl In The Back's genuine crystal studded leather case for her high-tech gadget that will score him the most points (See $$ Discount Details).

Women make a big deal and anxiously await February 14th’s surprises.

Men, on the other hand, are characteristically surprised to wake up realizing it is a holiday!  He may now just be getting over his hang over from the Super Bowl XLVIII’s bone-chilling match between the Broncos and the Seahawks, still debating and rolling his eyes over the penalties called or not called, Bruno Mars’ halftime show, and the $4 million-dollar-30-second commercials.

And then there are those who hate Valentine’s Day! 

Understandably, Valentine’s Day is surveyed as one of the most disappointing holiday of the year due to so much personal expectations and societal pressure! To avoid disheartened feelings, we all have to keep it real, appreciate the person and the effort, and don’t read too much into how it goes. After all, it’s only one day!    

With or without a Valentine’s date, perhaps we should put the emphasis on ourselves during this month of hearts. Focus on self-love, pamper ourselves and strengthen our commitment to our resolutions of taking care of our body, eating healthy and exercising regularly. Here are a few of my personal faves: 

BEAUTY - I am not big on make-up. I usually use the free giveaways and samples that come during "gift with purchase" events when I buy my Lancome Eye Make Up Remover.  But after I met Hollywood celebrity make up artist, Maxi Tone (see his interview here), and had him work his wonders on me for a runway event late last year, I was convinced that I needed his botanical line to boost my cosmetic arsenal.  Well, that and some tutorials from him too =)  MaxiTone is the magic behind the beauties like Chrsitina Milian, Lea Salonga, Lani Misalucha, etc.  Some of my picks are:

Vitamin C Lip Treatment, Full Coverage Concealer and Water-based Foundation
MaxiTone's recent private By Invitation Only soft launch event in Hollywood was attended by the likes of Army Wives' Wendy Davis, Hip Hop Artist MC Lyte, Sister Sister's Kym Whitley, Actress Keesha Sharp, and more.

MaxiTone MakeUp is now available by order only.  Send your information to to get product listing and mention Chasing Sheila to get special deals!

SKINCARE - Bellina Med Spa is an intimate boutique style spa run by Hannah Auten, RN/Certified Medical Laser Technician and Juliana Mandat, Licensed Aesthetician/Certified Medical Laser Technician who are passionate about making a difference in how people feel about themselves. 

Hannah Auten and Juliana Mandat

These pros warmly consult with as much time as needed, asking what clients want, collaborating on options, and jointly deciding on right treatments. They have a state-of-the-art laser technology and aesthetic services for all ages, however Juliana and Hannah feel strongly about not over treating and would only do what is necessary to bring out healthy and natural-looking skin, making their clients happy and more beautiful. Client faves include Intraceuticals Oxygen Treatment and Intellishade by Revision.

“Skin is our largest organ so it is important to watch what we put in our bodies. Alcohol, soda and coffee can all be dehydrating to the skin so its best to keep that at a minimum. Eat healthful foods, for example lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from the earth, drink plenty of water and avoid as much processed food as possible,” says Juliana. I agree…garbage in, garbage out!

Bellina Med Spa offers 20% discount (except injectables) to Chasing Sheila social media followers and Filipino American Journal readers, click "LIKE"/"FOLLOW" Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and then mention that you read about them in this article.

HEALTHY EATS – Speaking of garbage, I’ve come across this cool app called Check GMO, created by a Phoenix based corporation. 

It provides customers with knowledge about the foods they put in their body with easy to use Mobile App Barcode UPC Scanner, available for iPhone and Android.  With a click of a button, it scans the barcode and gives result whether your food has GMO in it or not.  The company also offers the Check GMO Restaurant Program that allows restaurants to submit their information via abut the foods they serve. 

What are GMOs? Genetically Modified Organisms are genetically engineered foods: organisms that have been created through application of transgenic, gene-splicing techniques that are part of biotechnology. These transgenic methods for moving genes around are also called "genetic engineering," or GE.  There's too much unknown about the effects of GMOs because long-term studies have not been done, but research about the link between GMOs and pesticides aren't pretty! With GMO check app, we could opt out of the giant science experiment happening in our food system.  Today consumers in over 60 countries, including Australia, Japan and all the European Union countries know what they are buying because their governments require GMO foods to be labeled. While the U.S. government doesn't, we can check it ourselves, download the FREE Check GMO app, and scan those heart-shaped chocolates! 

REGULAR EXERCISE – Have you heard of WOD Passport? WOD (Workout of the Day) Passport is about a network of gyms, pioneered by a Phoenix-based athlete, that are accessible to WOD Passport registered members.  It is a one-stop membership to an entire network of gyms and other fitness related services thus expanding your access to more than just one franchise. This means no more skipping workouts when travelling with WOD passport, so visit and join now!

There you have it, Happy Heart's Day to everyone and remember to love thyself!

Get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene!