Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fashionistas Holiday Vibes

With happy customers and readers off to their merry Christmas celebrations, my fellow blogger and stylist girlfriends crossed the final items off their shopping list to reward themselves.  No fancy wraps and glittery bows to untie, as glasses are raised, must-have heels, and irresistible fragrances and baubles are put to use today.  Check out these fashionistas’ holiday vibes and finds:

Seeking style inspiration on the streets of Phoenix, Couture in the Suburbs blogger and editor, Lindsay Viker favors practicality and essentials this season. “This year, I got myself some wine glasses since it is my first year in my new apartment, and I love having a glass of red wine after a long day. Now, all I need is for Santa to leave a bottle of cabernet sauvignon underneath the Christmas tree,” relates Lindsay.  Definitely a critical household accessory, functional for the holidays and any season of the year! Cheers!

Lindsay Viker

When it comes to styling, Channel 3 TV personality and top stylist, Rochelle York Tondreau, is all about empowerment and versatility, always bringing that confident feeling to her clients.   This year while shopping for my loved ones and clients I came across something that I just had to have ……a new pair of black boots! I feel that black boots are something that can be carried throughout seasons (fall into winter) and work great as a transitioning piece. These Gianni Bini boots are simple black leather boots that can go with just about anything.  They can be worn for both day and night wear which makes it easy when you are trying to travel light. Most of my Gianni Bini finds are from Dillard's at the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall,” says Rochelle.

Rochelle York Tondreau

Rochelle is one of the few experts I keep in mind when having a fashion dilemma as in WWRD I ask myself,  "What Would Rochelle Do?"  

Rochelle York Tondreau and Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno

Likewise, Phoenix wardrobe stylist, Vanessa Renee Gonzales, loves to help her clients feel good about what they wear.  The nice thing about being a stylist is that it almost always involves shopping.  Vanessa shares not one, not two but three recent finds! “My first purchase was this gorgeous snake patterned blazer from BCBG. I have been really into neutrals and soft tones this winter, so I felt this was a piece I could take right into spring! The best part about this purchase? I only paid $56.00 for it, regularly $298.  Next purchase was in Las Vegas! I was there for work and found this gorgeous statement necklace from Aldo accessories! This necklace was $30 regularly but I got it for $15 on sale! I can't wait to wear it over and over again! And last purchase was these adorable embellished shorts from forever 21. I have been dying to wear some shorts, tights and a crop sweater this winter so hopefully these shorts will help me complete my vision! The shorts were $29!”  I couldn’t agree more, good hunt and great steals!

Vanessa Renee Gonzales

No need to go undercover to shadow Miss Mignon G., editor of, a style and entertainment blogzine that covers fashion trends, designer profiles, movie reviews and celebrity interviews.  By the way, I wanna be a CSA when I grow up, a "Chic Spy Agent" that is!  Continuing a personal customary practice, the Chic Spy herself reveals, “Each year for the holidays I have a tradition of treating myself to a new product for my beauty arsenal. This year I opted for Chanel Coco Noir perfume.”   I must say that I am intrigued by the hint of masculinity diffused underneath the oriental aroma in this black bottle.  So yes, I have this on my wish list too.  While on this subject, let me share that my favorite Chanel juice is Coco Mademoiselle since I first bought it in France, months before it came out in U.S. I love its sexy fragrance and its chemistry blends well with my skin. It also has that woody-musky base that makes it a bit..again masculine which I like.

The Chic Spy

From the west, Los Angeles Celebrity Stylist Ali Levine advocates “life is a party, dress accordingly.”  Who would disagree with that! Today, Ali shares what she got herself to strut for the holidays, “I got myself my first pair of Brian Atwood heels! Merry Christmas to me! I have always loved Brian Atwood’s designs and I found them on sale at Nordstrom, and couldn't help it! A great neutral silver, they'll go with anything. They added to my sparkle and detail for today's holiday outfit! I love heels! Today I heard a quote, forget the stocking stuffers, just give me heels!!” I say, me too!

Ali Levine

From the east, Houston we have a problem… Catherine Gochoco chic blogger for A Fashion Fiend, is dearly missed here in the valley.  Glad that she stays involved with the local scenes when in-town.

Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno and Catherine Gochoco

Eye-ing these items for a while now, Catherine deservingly gets herself these holidays presents – “First, I chose this Zara checked studio cape because of the current plaid trend. I am a huge fan and love the shape a cape gives over an outfit. Instead of the same coat, cape style outerwear still provides warmth but makes your ensemble so chic.” Next, “I am finally spending time in the snow and saw these winter white boots while browsing and knew they would be perfect. The classic black/white color combo looks amazing against the snowy mountain scenery, and they match almost all of my cold weather gear.” Like me, Cat likes supporting local merchants, “these tees are made from local Arizona designer, Greg Kerr. His clothing line, Miles to Go, lends a creative print to clothing t-shirts, bags, and belts. His inspirations are from works like The Great Gatsby, Harry Potter, Moby Dick, the Buddha, and movies. The tees are made from 100% cotton and are ridiculously soft. I asked for these two new styles. The final item on my Christmas list is really the most important, because it has to do with keeping my body healthy. Switching to clean eating has truly made a huge difference in the way that I feel. I have more energy, a slimmer waist, and clear skin. All major pluses in my book! I usually shy away from any type of dieting to keep my meal options open. I like to cook, so generally I am able to make pretty healthy meals. After following recipes I found on the internet, this cookbook came highly recommended from people that follow a clean eating lifestyle. You are what you eat so keep it clean!” Well said, that cues us well for the coming year!

Catherine Gochoco

My style is more classic, lots of black, white and neutrals in my closet.  For this holiday I decided to go with soft leather, gold details and a pop of color from the purple family that I can carry through next year in tune with 2014 Color of the Year Radiant Orchid.  This rich plum sleek structure Juicy Couture Zip Top Tote is trendy, functional and versatile, it can be worn hands free on arms or crossbody style.  The gilded studwork, buckle detailing and chain shoulder straps lend a rocker-chic glam.  Best of all, it was originally priced at $298, then marked down to $220, plus 60% off, I got it for a whopping $88 from Cabazon Premium Outlets in California. Score!!! Now that’s a jolly Christmas find =)

Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno

As we share gifts of fashion and celebrate great times while surrounded by family and friends, feeling so much love and making wonderful memories…Christmas morning is one of my most favorite moments of the year.   I am grateful for all the blessings this year, hope yours is fantastic as well!

Are you ready for 2014? Get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene!


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emerald Green is so 2013!

Here’s an early fashion highlight for next year – The global authority on color, Pantone, announced the magical Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year. 

A unique, intriguing and complex tint, Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman explains what inspired this choice:  “It’s the color that draws you in, it’s a color that speaks to creativity, so wearing it enhances your feeling of being more creative…being more innovative.  And that is very important in today’s life,” says Eiseman during her interview in London last week.  Pantone states that, “Radiant Orchid encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health.”

So there you have it, expect to see gadgets, sports gears, and coffee mugs influenced by this enchanting hue.  Now as far as clothes are concerned, let us NOT all go crazy buying everything purple.  This color is definitely not for everyone and can go very “Barney” wrong so fast.  I like solid colors and so I gathered up my courage to dress in this belted tunic next to gorgeous Susan Casper for Channel 15's Sonoran Living. Luckily it worked! 

If you like bold and fun get ups, consider fabric patterns vs. solids. I am not a big fan of print but this look may be for you

Or try color blocking it with brighter or neutral shades.  No need to match Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid tint perfectly, a tinge lighter or darker may be the right match for your skin tone. 

If the purple family does not compliment your skin tone, do not wear it just to be on trend. Opt to rock it in purse, shoes, jewelries and other accessories instead.

JC Penney Faux Fur Bag, Juicy Couture Tote, Cole Haan Two-Tone Oxfords, Jones New York Scarf

Don't miss out, get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene.


Holiday Glam and Cam

‘Tis the season for festivities…too bad, Pinoys are not into parties and Kodak moments with peace signs and look-ups. Ha! We all know that’s a big fat lie!

Let me start again…’Tis the season for parties and selfies and everyone is posting their images on insta-web for “look at me” bits.  Here are some points to ponder before, during and after your holiday bash and camera snaps:

  • Dress to impress, one can never be overdressed for a holiday party. Save the punk and grungy look for another occasion.
  • No need for brand new outfits.  Go for the classic – glam up your favorite LBD with appropriate accessories – one or two statement jewels, an evening clutch and stilettos. Forget comfort, the higher the heels the sexier =)
  • Do not wear more bling than the Christmas tree. If you are going for a layered or stacked look, do either the necklaces or the bracelets, but not both.

Sandra Bullock at the premier of "The Proposal," CA, 2009

  • When in doubt, wear red! - Bill Blass

Gabriel Union in a red Bill Blass dress, NY, 2012.
Photo credits

  • Do not show up in a party empty handed, a bottle of pink champagne or a personalized chocolate is a lovely way to thank your party host/hostess.

Harrod's "Pamper Hamper"

  • Enough duck face please! You are prettier when you smile. Take pictures before you get too happy with your drinks, and then put away that camera.  Some moments are better off not captured and posted…really!

  • When I say put away that camera that means including your phone. It’s a live party, not a SIMS virtual party.  Stop texting and enjoy the company. Don’t just hang with the same circle, mingle, welcome and meet new friends.

Photo credits art

  • Here’s a challenging one as the party gets going, my friend Franzy says, “Never take pictures with a drink in your hand”…or worse, in your mouth!  Good luck!

Photo credits Elite Daily

  • Do your loved ones a favor…have a designated driver
  • Finally, remember what you are celebrating and give thanks!  Leave a comment so I can thank you for stopping by =)

What are your holidays "dos and don'ts?"

Not done with holiday shopping yet? Give the gift of fashion, and take advantage of these deals!

Get your FASH on, keep styling and HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cheers! 



Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Leggings 101

While there are a lot of cute leggings to choose from and various styles to wear them, the most important thing is to make sure that your top is long enough to conceal the “unmentionables.” This is a MUST do, so let me spell it out very clearly….always cover the part of your body between the legs where they join your torso! Leggings are NOT pants!!!

Now that we’ve addressed the most important point, let’s move on to styling.  Leggings are versatile, cozy and fall within the “casual” line of clothing.  But there are ways to glam them up for more than just lunging and lounging.  No matter what affair you are dressing up for, I got 3 words for you:  Layers, Scarves and Boots.  

Layering is as simple as it gets in rocking a pair of leggings outside a gym. For an up to date look, mix it with a bubble or oversized top, with or without a belt then throw a sweater or shawl on top.  I wear black most of the time, which to a lot of people seem boring. But no worries…sparkly details on black leggings make it interesting and guaranteed to catch attention. Wear a bright crop sweater, accessorize with a patterned scarf and color block peep toes and you are good to go.

Black Dress, Fuschia Crop Sweater and Belt by Express. Chevron Scarf and Bling Leggings by Allie Ollie Boutique.  Shoes by BCBG.  Photos by Desert Rh1no Photography.

What if you have a scarf that can be worn as a shawl or a blouse or a dozen other ways?  Have fun, play with it and see what works best for your mood. Here are a few looks wearing the same pieces different ways, good for office or bar mode.  Click here for a 20% off on-line code and visit for "how-to-video."

Tunic Dress by H&M. Shawl/Scarf and Belt by Shawl Dawls. Leggings by Allie Ollie Boutique. Boots by Nine West. Hat by Forever 21.  Photos by Desert Rh1no Photography.

For a comfortable holiday party ensemble, leggings can also make an appearance if styled appropriately.  Pair it with an elegant weightless cocktail dress and finish the look with a chic jacket. 

Bea Dress and Leticia Jacket by Bri Seeley.  Leggings by Allie Ollie Boutique. Boots by Banana Republic. Photos by Desert Rh1no Photography.

Obviously I got my leggings from Allie Ollie Boutique, click here for 20% off in-store coupon or on-line code, this applies to regular and sale items. For more tips, watch Channel 15’s Sonoran Living HERE with Allie Ollie Boutique's fashion focus on leggings. 

Speaking of boutiques, Cherrels Fashion, owned by Philippine born and raised, Cherrel Mahinay (love her last name, means "gentle"), recently opened in Paradise Valley Mall next to Dillard's. I haven't had time to scour this brand new shop, but fancy looking leggings and bedazzled phone cases already caught my eyes! Cherrel is quick to offer Chasing Sheila Friends and Family a discount.  Click here for 15% off already marked down prices.  Support our kababayan!!!  

I know, I know…you heard it before.  But I cannot talk about leggings without mentioning my all-time favorite LINDEN Signature Moto Leggings made of eco-friendly washable salmon skin leather, which is my go to piece.  This item sold out last year and is now back by popular demand. By pre-order only, get an exclusive 30% discount on LINDEN on-line clothes and accessories purchase. You may see this on the red carpet soon, get yours now and claim that you had yours before others celebs do!!! Also, LINDEN gift cards are now available...hint - this is in my wish list!!! =)

Black Friday and Small Business Saturday holiday shopping events may be over, but the savings for Chasing Sheila Friends and Family continues through the end of the year.  Click HERE to access the latest Discounts and Special Offers.

Don't miss out, get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Shop Small, Big Deals

Last year I blogged about “Small Business Saturday” (SBS), a drive to patronize small brick and mortar businesses held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving holiday.

American Express started this initiative in 2010 as a U.S. shopping trend, which has since grown to other countries including UK, Canada, Hong Kong and Australia where the campaign is called “Shop Small.”  In U.S. alone, holiday shoppers spent $5.5B on this event last year, and it is expected to grow bigger year over year.

In our own backyard, the following cities and advocacy groups are some of the SBS partners and supporters:  City of Scottsdale, City of Tucson, Arizona Small Business Association, Greater Phoenix Black Chamber of Commerce, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce and Filipina Women’s Network.

What’s in it for me as a card member?  I will get a one time $10 statement credit for an eligible transaction on my registered AMEX card. Plus buying local is a great way to support my community and help boost the economy.

But why wait until after Thanksgiving? Why not make it Small Business Everyday? Why not buy from local merchants now? If everyone shops small, it can really be a bBig Deal! 

To get you started now, LIKE “Chasing Sheila” Facebook page and avail of the following and find more discount codes:

Doux Belle by Rachel Wagner offers vintage-inspired Parisian chic custom-made gowns and dresses, fine arts, vintage home d├ęcor, and more. Located in Scottsdale, Chateau Doux Belle has a romantic feel that takes you to another world, this showroom is a definite MUST SEE! Find a 20% off coupon on Chasing Sheila Facebook page for your next appointment with Rachel. Or go to and enter "ChasingSheila20" at checkout for 20% off*.

Get covered in style, 15 looks in one shawl (that's like buy 1 get 14 free!), with Shawl Dawls by designers Roshena Chadha and Julie Manubay-Cruz. Visit, enter “ChasingSheila20” at checkout for 20%off*.  Perfect gift for mom, daughter, girlfriend, grandma, sister, etc. 

See these Dawls rock their Shawls:

L-R: Sheer print long cinched vest style on Suzan,  long shawl styled as a short vest on Ibet, sheer solid short Cinched Vest on Ramiza 

L-R: Sandy (sheer print), Lisa (fringe cut) and Shirley (sheer print) worn Poncho Style

L-R: Long Vest style on Ramiza, Scarf style on Tracy, Long Vest style on Janet 

Treat yourself with fun shopping experience in any of 6 Allie Ollie Boutiques in AZ, visit Chasing Sheila page on Facebook for store locations and 20% off coupon, or go to and enter “CHASINGSHEILA20” at checkout for 20%off*.  Ask about their Fashion Club and private styling party.

Susan Casper, Allie Olson and Sheila Vertuno in Allie Ollie outfits

For a brand of timeless women’s day or night wear and accessories, my personal favorite is d.p.c. by Dora Yim.  Her Blue and Metallic Dress Dress and classic Houndstooth Coat are must have pieces! Watch out for d.p.c. SS14 Collection coming soon on line.  Visit, enter “chasingsheila30off” at checkout for an additional 30% off* the Fall 2013 Collection that is already on sale.  Free shipping on all orders within U.S.  

Blue and Metallic Dress

Houndstooth Coat

If you missed Phoenix Fashion Week 2012 Designer of the Year, Bri Seeley and her Escape Collection at discounted prices in her trunk show at Clothes Minded last week, this is your lucky day.  Offered only to Chasing Sheila friends and family, enter “SHEILA40” at checkout for 40% off* of the Escape Collection at 

Alexa Coat by Bri Seeley

More big deals coming soon! Don’t miss out! Get in the know and keep your FASH on! Click here to join this site and LIKE/FOLLOW Chasing Sheila on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

*Restrictions apply, click here for coupon details.



Monday, November 4, 2013

Avant Garde Knight Rocky Gathercole

For the 2nd year in a row, creations by world-renowned Filipino designers rocked the Phoenix Fashion Week runway grand finale.  From fashion forward Furne One in 2012 to avant garde knight Rocky Gathercole in 2013.

Thanks to Scottsdale native, now L.A. based, Arianna Sinclair, producer and representative for both icons, who made these local appearances possible.  Can’t wait to see the next big name…another Filipino talent, I hope.

Sheila Vertuno and Arianna Sinclair

After almost 2 decades of strong base in Dubai, Gathercole Atelier with his atypical, excitingly lavish and insanely artistic designs is now back to his motherland, the Philippines.  Recently in his flagship store in Quezon City (another destination to add to my itinerary for my next visit back home), Gathercole started to break into the wedding scene crafting elaborate bridal gowns for the who’s who of Manila.

Bridal Gown by Rocky Gathercole

Gathercole humbly credits his mentor Vicente Arcaina, who took him to Saudi Arabia for his first job in the fashion industry, before he started designing for “Calash Haute Couture in Dubai.  Shortly after, Gathercole began to push every boundary to deliver his own cutting edge unapologetic designs which jump started his solo career into the empire that we now know as Rocky Gathercole Atelier.  Crafted out of real metal, colorful feathers and full head gears with horns, most of his beginning works were more editorial than wearable…dashingly ferocious. Here are a few shots of his 30-piece show at Phoenix Fashion Week...

Photos by Desert Rh1no Photography, click link for more glam shots.

Watch Rocky Gathercole's intricately designed dresses and gowns rock the Phoenix Fashion Week runway at Talking Stick Resort on October 5th, 2013.

Gathercole's controversial art landed him a spot in International Miami Fashion Week in 2011 and a placement in Vogue’s Special Anniversary issue in 2012.  And just last week, he dressed Becca Tobin, Glee actress and Adrianne Curry, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 winner, to walk the ramp at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala and Runway Show in Los Angeles.

Rocky Gathercole (left) dressed Becca Tobin (middle) of Glee
Photo credits Metropolitan Fashion Week

Way to go, Rocky!!! Mabuhay kabayan and more power to you!!

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Los Angeles Fashion Fix

Not quite ready to exit the VIP scene yet, thank goodness California is a short drive away.  Invited by 2 designers, a date with a make up artist and a hosting event last week in L.A. was just the right fix for my Phoenix Fashion Week withdrawals.

While drizzly autumn weather puts us in a tented situation, LINDEN SS14 Mosaic Collection by my friend Jennifer Lynn was in full bloom at Los Angeles Fashion Council held on Oct 9 at The Grove.  LA Times reported, “LINDEN is proof that ‘clothing with a conscience’ doesn’t always mean sacrificing style at the altar of sustainability.”  

Jennifer says, "My Spring/Summer 2014 is called Mosaic Collection inspired by Artist Yaacov Agam's who designed a mosaic fountain outside of Paris at La Defense."  Created in 1977, Agam's musical fountain made of polymorphic mosaic surface offering artistic diversity when viewed from different angles, such as LINDEN's clothes...

LINDEN's final walk at LAFC...

By invitation only, I arrived with my Seattle-based pals Maggie Sartain and Maile Cabral, co-founder of Cabral Edwards Management.  

Maile Cabral, Sheila Vertuno and Maggie Sartain

As a PR and brand management expert, Maile’s judicious eyes instantly recognized LINDEN’s edgy style would be the right attire and immediately fitted the Macklorette dancers performing with Macklemore  & Ryan Lewis during their US Fall 2013 tour, starting on Oct 22. I couldn’t agree more, as my all-time LINDEN favorite piece Moto Leggings made of eco-friendly washable salmon-skin leather is also my go-to piece this season.

Wearing LINDEN Moto Leggings at Phoenix Fashion Week with Jennifer Lynn

Continuing to make a fashion scene, I supported my bestie Bri Seeley as her SS14 Silence Collection (pre-order via debuted on Oct 10 at Eden Hollywood benefitting Step Up Women’s Network.  I loved that Bri chose to feature L.A.’s top bloggers of different looks and sizes highlighting the versatility of her oeuvre.  Standout signature pieces for me are the Jaclyn Skirt from SS13 Escape Collection and the Mischa Dress (#10 image below) 

Bri Seeley SS14 Silence Collection

The show was attended by several Hollywood personalities, including my buddy and date for the night…celebrity make up artist, Maxi Tone.

Wearing Bri Seely Mischa Dress at Eden Hollywood

With Bri Seeley and Jason George, NBC's Blacklist Story Editor

With Robbie Laughlin of E News!

With Arianna Sinclair, Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist and Event Director

With LINDEN's Jennifer Lynn and LOIN CLOTH's Clary Ryan and Sam Mascaro

Make up by my dear friend Maxi Tone, Hollywood Celebrity Make Up Artist

Before the show, Maxi and I had a laid back afternoon playing with make up, catching up about his new cosmetic, his loyal clients Christina Milian, Patti Austin, Keesha Sharp and Lea Salonga, and also talked about women’s general beauty concerns.  Check out snippets of my one-to-one with Maxi…

Like most women, when the face in the mirror looks back at me, I notice the imperfections first.  Women incessantly wonder what regimen, treatment or procedures would fix the flaws magnified by their own minds. After all, to look beautiful means to look perfect.  The goal is to look perfect…NOT!

Let us not fool ourselves! The celebrities that we see on print ads are all photoshopped, the TV commercials have the right lighting and angles to capture the flawless looks that would sell the products advertised, and the models in the runway… they have an army of professionals applying pounds of concealer, spraying body foundations, attaching hair extensions, etc. Believe me, I’ve seen the BEFORE Backstage and the AFTER Runway looks from the front row.

“I don’t create beautiful, I only highlight what’s already within,” says Maxi.  The key is making the most of your looks regardless of your age.  Apply minimal cosmetics to highlight your best features.  Turn heads by showing a natural polished look, NOT a clown face.  And if you decide to enhance more permanently, do not go overboard sculpting.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against needles and knives.  Give me a few years and I may also take the plunge. But for the meantime, am just saying…less is more.

My personal daily must dos include diligent hydration, face and lip SPF protection, groomed arches and organic foundation. And if I didn’t get enough sleep the night before (which happens often), I curl the little lashes that I have. 

Let us know...what is your beauty secret?