Saturday, May 25, 2013

Does Size Matter?

The reason that certain clothes look better on catwalk and mannequins is because they are made for skinny people, therefore the fabric hangs better.  The designers employ live stick hangers because they want us to see their fashion, not the models.  Though our fantasy is to look vogue like that figure on the runway when we wear those same clothes. The truth is, an average fashion model size is zero and shrinking, for the mean time, real women come in all sizes.  According to New York magazine, Women’s Wear Daily, the average American woman’s size is 14.

Does size matter? Yes, at least to Abercrombie & Fitch, size does matter!

An average American woman cannot shop at A&F unless they are buying men’s clothes to wear. By design, A&F does not carry garments bigger than size 10 or Large, and sells only to thin people despite a growing plus-sized population.  This is no news, Michael Jeffries, infamous A&F CEO publicly admitted the company’s exclusionary strategy back in 2006, offering a “cool identity", targeting thin and beautiful shoppers only. If you haven't yet, go visit the store and see their sales staff. No different from Lane Bryant exclusively targeting plus-sized clientele. It is marketing discrimination in the open. Clear and transparent!

Does size matter? No, size does not matter, but the fit does!

The manufacturers are aware of women’s love-hate relationship with their dimensions and are taking full advantage of it.  Labeling a size 12 dress as a size 8 to make buyers feel thinner, will surely entice one to purchase. There’s more to that size tag than meets the eye.  Good or bad, we all have deep emotional connection to that number.   It affects our perception, feelings, self-esteem, and decisions.  Reality is harsh.  Illusion sells better.  Hence, it is called “vanity sizing.”

Remember, styling is an art, not a science. Forget about “the size” and do not allow the digit on that label play with your mind. Go to the fitting room, put on your lenses (that means both your eyeglasses and fashion sense), face the big mirror and take a good look at the image in front of you.  Do the clothes sit well on you? Does it accentuate in the right places? Does it flatter your length and your curves?  Here's the secret for a perfect fit...hire a great tailor!

Look out for my next blog about an L.A. based designer who got it right. Her "Real Women, Real Clothes" photos will tell it all.

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celebrity Buzz

Big celebrity names are roaring in the Philippines recently.  I am not referring to the country’s political shag, but the more decent commerce, Fashion.

International style icon Sarah Jessica Parker was the guest of honor during the soft opening of SM Aura Premier in Bonifacio Global City on Thursday, May 16, 2013.  The mall owned by SM Prime Holdings, the largest developer in the Philippines, is in close proximity to Ayala’s residential and commercial developments, Serendra and Bonifacio High Street.  It is designed to cater to high-end market.

SM Aura Premier

As chic trendsetter, both personally and as Carrie Bradshow who played the New York publication columnist in Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker’s attendance and ribbon cutting event of the department store is a seal of approval for SM.  Her endorsement of the mall’s “Love to Shop” campaign certainly puts SM’s mark in the fashion map of the world. So exciting!

My source in SM said that the affair was such a top secret, exclusively attended only by SM employees, consignor brands, mall tenants owners, VIP guests the like of Gretchen Barretto, and select media crew who covered Parker’s press conference.

Sarah Jessica Parker getting cozy with exclusive guests.

"Love to Shop" campaign endorsed by Sarah Jessica Parker

The Hollywood icon’s appearance was highly anticipated following a built up digital marketing.  The teaser promotion showing discrete photos of the celebrity’s body parts left the public guessing and eagerly hyped for the much- awaited revelation to no disappointment.  With heightened interest and excitement, the attendees and local celebrities alike were surprised and star stuck. Who wouldn’t be?

As planned, Parker only stopped to visit a couple of SM’s departments. Not to my surprise, she graced the ladies wear, handbag and shoe departments, according to my source. Needless to say, the event was corded and tightly secured especially at SM’s premiere lounge.  I was told, “ the opportunity was very limited, but Sarah was really nice, down to earth and so accommodating.  In fact, when she saw a little girl squeezed in the crowd, she personally called and pulled her out of the line for a picture.” Consistently poised and fashion forward, Parker is definitely a rightful Ambassador for SM Aura Premier!  

This uber posh destination definitely makes it to the top of my itinerary during my next trip to the Philippines. 

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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Pre-Mother’s Day Celebration

Not with Ivan this year, we’re skipping a generation and I went out with Gabe instead.  Turned out that he is a more expensive date!

We began our Mother’s Day bash shopping at Scottsdale Quarter.  There really is no better way to start =)

First stop was the Apple store, Gabe said he wanted an iPhone. Who doesn’t, right?  Umm yeah, I don’t think so, not when you are only 6 years old.  Second up, Gabe held my hand to go next door to H&M, specifically, he took me to the 2nd level. I have been wearing Hennes & Mauritz AB since early 2000s, but have never visited the kid's department.  Immediately Gabe picked up 2 pairs of shoes, a hat, and a jacket (in that order), and everything else in between.  That is when it all made sense to me, Gabe’s idea of Mother’s Day is me taking him out shopping.  LOL!

Gabe made out like a bandit, wasted no time and wore everything in less than 48 hours. He managed to stain only one brand new white oxford shirt with fruit punch Gatorade!

It was a blessed weekend with Gabe… creating his own wardrobe, picking flavored yogurts, photo bombing each other’s pictures, meeting new friends at a couple of Filipino gatherings, meeting a princess (thanks to Maureen), and more. 

"But this is why I need an iPhone...."

"I will wear them all to bed tonight!"

Our favorite snack, Menchie's

Photo bomb! LOL!

With my date, Gabe, in disguise, ha ha ha!

Wearing Prabal Gurung, American Eagle and Michelle
#29 Smart Wear? Label Whore? Or Simply Baduy?

With my better half, HoneyKo aka Dan

Gabe in H&M head to toe

Gabe with Maureen Montagne, Mutya ng Pilipinas Southwest USA 2013

Presentation of roses to mothers at FAMAZ Mother's Day Celebration

With Gabe, my date to BLD AZ Family Day

Wearing H&M, Lacoste, Wal-mart, Michelle and Daisy Fuentes 
#28 Smart Wear? Label Whore? Or Simply Baduy?

Gabe in H&M head to toe

Wishing all mothers a love-filled and happy Mother’s Day.

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Dress by Prabal Gurung for Target/Neiman Marcus
Gladiator Sandals by American Eagle $7
Timepiece by Michelle
Top by H&M
Skirt by Lacoste
Kitten Heel Thong Sandals by Daisy Fuentes
Eyewear by Elizabeth Arden
Hat by Wal-mart