Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dolce Vita

It officially starts...NOW!

My brain is logged off, my head already feels light, and I am certainly fired up for some b4k4 chat!

But first things first, I am starting my 12-day vacay by getting a much needed… um, much deserved facial spa. Amidst this 3-digit dry weather, my skin takes a lot of beating from different elements – sun, hot breeze, haboob…yup, it’s not only in Sahara desert, we have it here in Arizona too.

Anyway, if you are up for some R&R, check out Dolce Salon and Spa at The Borgata in Scottsdale and ask for Hadley, she is the best! Become a member and get pampered by their sweet deals. This advertising is unsolicited and unpaid! =)

Astonishing how I can be wide-awake on a Saturday morning, have time for a nice breakfast, make it early to my appointment and blog…if I can only muster the same for my early conference calls with my European colleagues.

For the meantime, in tranquil awaiting my little slice of heaven…

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