Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buyers Market

July and August are not only the busiest time for Back to School supplies, it is also hectic for fashion retailers looking to find the hottest trend for the following year’s Spring Collection.

Procuring for small businesses is quite different from large department stores approach.  Boutiques have more flexible schedule often placing their commodity orders in smaller quantities closer to the season that they are purchasing for thus towards the end of the season’s buying calendar which is when items are marked down.

Typically, huge department stores get the first pick of next season’s hot trend as they tend to adhere to strict buying schedule driven by the scale of order thus requiring a longer lead-time.

This means that the clothes that will make you and I look good in Spring 2014, have already been designed and is well in production for the big stores!

It is important for the merchandisers to keep their eyes and fashion sense open for future innovations and new inspirations as they frequent runway events, trade shows and conventions, like Magic, in order to stay ahead of the curve.   As a huge fashion mecca, Magic is a great platform that bridges designers and retailers… we’ve all seen Prabal Gurung-Target and Lagerfield-H&M collaborations.

Speaking of which, one of Magic’s Breakthrough Designer in 2012 was Marian “Happy” Villanueva Andrada, who is only in her early 20’s. She also won the 2012 Miami Beach International Fashion Week Designer of the Year award. Happy is an all-around Filipina designer with creations boasting complicated architecture and geometric prints and shapes, ranging from bridal and evening gowns, to costume and avante-garde cocktail wears, to RTW and corporate wear. Staying true to her culture, Happy uses traditional earth friendly fabrics like “jusi” or Pineapple fibers, bamboo, as well as water lilies. Her client roster includes local celebrity figures as well as global runways and several international glossy magazines.

If you are not impressed yet, Happy is also an accomplished stylist and a successful entrepreneur.  In partnership with her sister Viva, Happy owns a concept gallery in Quezon City called F*Art (yes, you read it right!), a catchy name that stands for Fashion and Art.  F*Art is a haven for fashionistas and artists, with clothes and accessories boutique on the 1st floor, and an art gallery on the 2nd floor. Furthermore, services like piercing, tattoo and hair art styling can also be arranged by appointment.  F*Art is definitely another must shop destination for next year’s Philippine trip!

While the real Magic will holds it’s convention in Las Vegas this month, come join the “Shop Garment District” event at Studio 3D, 1625 E. Jefferson St., Phoenix AZ 85034 on Friday, August 9th, 2013, 7:00 p.m. for a local mini Magic-like experience. Register here for free access.  I will be covering the event, hope to see you there!

Dare to be different, get your FASH on and happy styling!

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