Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fashion Headlines

With the holidays in rear view mirror, buckle up as we depart from the laid-back energy of the previous Water Snake Year 2013 when creative contemplation and strategy planning was acceptable.  If you think that last year went by fast, then prepare to ride 2014 Year of Green Horse or get out of the way.
High-octane vigor and productive determination will be rewarded in 2014. Expect a fortunate year that brings luck, good things and fast victories, BUT due diligence and groundwork to seize that opportunity is still a must.

As we leave 2013, here are some local and global fashion headlines and reflections:

1)  First Lady Michelle Obama in 2013 Inaugural Ball Gown by Jason Wu (January 2013) – She accessorized the halter ruby chiffon and velvet floor length gown with Kimberly McDonald jewels and Jimmy Choo heels. Reflection: Stunning!

Photo credits Jason Wu's PR Company, KCD

2)  LEGO Goes High Fashion with Chanel (April 2013) – Karl Lagerfield’s beach-time fun inspiration for the high-end results in bright-colored lunch box looking clutch. Reflection: Looks fun, but this arm candy plastic toy is no fun starting at an exorbitant $9,900.

Photo credits

3)  Phillip Lim for Target (May 2013) – Announced almost 6 months ahead of September 15 launch, I didn’t miss this occasion like I did Missoni in 2011 and left the store with more than what I need. Reflection: My loot… all worth it!!!

4)  Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 1st Runner Up is….Maureen Montagne (July 2013) – After bagging the title, our very own Phoenix-based and my fellow ASU Sun Devil, Maureen discovered her passion for helping others during relief efforts in the Philippines as well as her love for the Filipino culture. Maureen reflects and sends her regards from overseas:  Mutya ng Pilipinas changed my life by teaching me that there is so much more to being a beauty queen. It taught me that there is so much we can do to better not just ourselves, but the people and places around us.  I want to thank the Filipino community of Arizona for teaching me how valuable our culture is. The older I get the more I learn how great it is to take part in our culture and really embrace my roots. I'd also like to thank all of the amazing people I have met in the industry thus far. Everyone's support means so much to me, I couldn't have done any of this without you.”

5)  Katya Leoncio, Owner/Designer of Dolcessa Swimwear wins Phoenix Fashion Week (PhxFW) 2013 Emerging Designer of the Year (October 2013) – The waves of Bulgarian native, now Las Vegas- based Katya, rippled all the way to AZ desert when she showcased her sophisticated luxury swimwear. It was oh so sizzling Haute! 

Katya Leoncio, Owner/Designer of Dolcessa wearing her own design Golden Rush dress at PhxFW
Photo by Desert Rh1no Photography

With Dolcessa brand already nationally recognized by the likes of Kate Upton, Brooke Burke, UFC and Sports Illustrated magazines, Katya remains very much grounded and humbly said that her PhxFW show, opened by African drummers that warmed up the crowd, was quite "the memorable runway event." She shared designer bootcamp learnings and self-discoveries, "It has taught me to pay attention to the brand's finances most importantly, because it could make or break a company. And I realized that I work very well under pressure."  Looking forward to the new year, "2014 will be a year full of excitement, with Dolcessa's gorgeous collection launching in Arizona and California. Our brand will be carried at 2 locations of Molly Brown's Swimwear - a trend-setter boutique for luxury swimwear." Be sure to follow  Dolcessa's Instagram closely for collaborations with bikini connoisseurs Devin Brugman and Natasha Oakley from "A Bikini A Day".

Dolcessa photos by Desert Rh1no Photography

6)  Stacy Eden, Owner/Designer of Clutch Jewelry wins PhxFW 2013 Accessory Designer of the Year (October 2013) – Stacy is a talented, driven, grounded, and passionate local artist who is sure to soar up to unimaginable heights. Grateful for her triumphs, Stacy says, “PhxFW changed Clutch forever.  Not only are we certain we have all the tools to succeed, we also know how to use them. I want to remember every moment! There were so many good ones.  But when my little brother looked at me with tears in his eyes after the Clutch Crowns went down the runway with Michelle Hebert's couture gowns, I totally gave into the moment.  It was a moment of true pride I'll never forget. 2014 is going to be a lot of fun. I'm extra excited about the launch of our collaboration with Dolcessa Swimwear.  It's looking like this year is going to be a wild ride.” 

Stacy Eden, Owner/Designer of Clutch Jewelry

Head jewels by Clutch Jewelry. Gown by Michelle Hebert.

Head jewels by Clutch Jewelry. Gown by Michelle Hebert.

I am truly blessed to meet Stacy, her enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air, and her energy is motivating and contagious.  Our conversations are always positive and forward-looking.  We could spend hours talking about personal growth, professional development, and family stories. Which by the way, I love that every precious piece of Clutch art has a story influenced by some inspiration in Stacy's life. Experience a minute of Clutch in these two commercials on Your Country AXS-TV: Metal That Moves and Jewelry for the Journey.  A recent stint - Clutch Jewelry is the official Men's jewelry sponsor of last month's American Country Awards. 

The true headline is that in less than a year, each of the 12 PhxFW emerging designers evolved in their own rights.  Passion, artistry, diversity and resiliency are only a few of the traits that bind them together.  They shared stories of ups and downs and lessons learned along the way, after all who got it all figured out from the very beginning anyway? Vera Wang didn’t make the US Olympic Figure Skating Team in 1968 and was turned down as Vogue editor-in-chief.  Anna Wintour was fired from Harper’s Bazaar magazine in 1975…thank goodness, where would Vogue be otherwise?

With increased understanding of the industry and newfound skills, these PhxFW 2013 Boot Camp Alumni are now ready to kick up their heels and gallop with the Green Horse as they look up to claim their success headlines.  There are no limits if you look up!

Brand Names (L-R): Efua, Gentry, Chasing Sheila, Michelle Hebert, Medium Apparel, Doux Belle,
Melis Accessories, Linden, Clutch Jewelry, Loin Cloth

May 2014 bring us new adventures, great achievements, love-filled relationships, and year-round joyful celebration with family, friends, food, and fashion!!! Cheers!

Get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene.  



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