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Mane 1-on-1 with Lauren Bates

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Such a pleasure to meet Scottsdale-based Lauren Bates, a talented hair stylist and image consultant, behind most major runway shows in AZ.  Her success is powered by her creative artistry and her passion to help clients project their inner beauty.

Putting Lauren in the spotlight is a long list of accomplishments and collaborative projects with several big names in fashion and entertainment industry, such as Gretchen Rossi, former Real Housewives of Orange County star; Michael Costello, Project Runway designer who has dressed Beyonce, Celine Dion, etc.; Jordan Wessel, Miss Arizona USA 2014; and Academy Country Music Awards, to name a few.  Most recently she has been appointed to join the Oribe team to assist backstage at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week SS15 in New York this coming September.

To no surprise, Lauren remains refreshingly humble and down to earth. I am lucky to be able to shadow and chat with her during her fashion show behind the scenes stints with Brave Wings Fashion Show and Summer of Fashion (photo credits Desert Rh1no Photography).  

Prepare to be surprised about her secrets, favorites and helpful hair care tips.

Model: Brittany Brown
Make-up: Jessica Fierro
Hair: Lauren Bates
Headpiece: Karla Medina

CS: How did you get started in the art of hair styling?

LB: My hair stylist of many years encouraged me to seek out beauty schools my senior year of high school, I had been accepted to every college I applied to but didn't feel I belonged.  Once I visited the beauty school, it immediately felt so right.  On my first day of [beauty] college in 2007, I knew I made the right decision!  I was born for this!

CS: How old were you when you realized that this is what you would like to do when you grow up and how did you know?

LB: I was a competitive dancer since the age of 3.  We were required to take make-up classes in order to get ourselves ready for the competitions.  I fell in love with make-up and originally went to beauty school to pursue a make up artist career but fell in love with hair!

CS: If you were not a hairstylist today, what field would your career be in?

LB: If I were not a hairstylist today I would have pursued a career in wardrobe styling or clothing design.  I am SO obsessed with following every fashion week! I work on editorial photo shoots at least once a week and I am not only styling hair but coming up with wardrobe.  I've found that I prefer styling a look from head to toe; I feel that if the same creative mind does the complete look then the goal of the shoot is more easily interpreted!

CS: If you could style one person who would it be? And why?

LB: In this current moment, I would love to do Kylie Jenner's hair!  I truly believe that she is carving the direction of where fashion in general is headed.  I would love to pick her brain on the inspiration behind her hair right now.

CS: What is your favorite - cutting hair, coloring hair or styling hair (i.e. up do’s, bridals, events, etc.)?

LB: My favorite part of hair dressing ALWAYS changes; I would have to say that today it is styling.  However, a few months ago I completed the intense and famous Vidal Sassoon Cutting Academy!  Ever since, I have been obsessed with evaluating everyone’s face shape and deciding what combination of cutting would suit [them] best!

CS: What would you advice us who are always wanting to have gorgeous hair?

LB: I have a close friend that has helped develop some major hair care brands such as Bumble and Bumble, Oribe and Living Proof.  He meets with master chemists very often and just recently shared something so interesting with me.  My friend was asking this master chemist about sulfates and the chemist replied, "Would you like to know what the worst ingredient for hair is?" He responded yes and the chemist told him, "Water! The most harsh thing that hair goes through is the dehydration of H2O whether it is done with a blow drier or just air dried."  So my secret is, STOP washing your hair so much! :)

CS: What is your favorite product and why?

LB: My favorite product without a doubt is Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe!!!  It is Oribe's version of a "dry shampoo" but it really is so much more!  It adds an insane amount of volume without doing any backcombing!  Dry is always my base of any up-do or even an every day style!

CS: What is your favorite hair equipment and why?

LB: Hmm, my favorite hair equipment...All of my favorite tools are made by different companies.  Blow Dryer: Paul Mitchell because it is lightweight, quiet and lasts forever.  Round Brushes: Touché because of the dense bristles and perfect grip.  Flat Iron: Croc for its smoothing factor.  Curling Irons: Enzo and Hot Tools because of their huge range of options, quality and longevity. Styling Products: Oribe I can't even begin to explain how amazing these products are, try it once and you'll be hooked!

CS: Since this is a fashion event, describe to us your fashion style.

LB: My fashion style...I feel like I have two sides to my style.  Half of me loves structured contemporary pieces in strictly black or white that work with angles, but then I have days of loving the loose boho/free people style; and some days is a mix of the two!  I love combining soft and hard in the same look, meaning structure and flow or shine and matte in the same look!

More on Lauren’s personal preferences ~ she is obsessed with Green Tea and always hated coffee; can be a morning or night person, always available; still trying to figure out who her favorite super hero is, but has too many to list fashion icons! And finally, not publicly known fact a second ago is.... Lauren loves to research aliens!

Like I said, Lauren is such a doll!  Mark my word ~ this sweet gal is primed to achieve more successes!

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