Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School Syndrome Solution: Tantrum!

Transitioning from an often laissez-faire family fun-filled summer fiesta to a routine-driven school year isn’t always easy, not just for kids but also for the already busy mommies. 

Preparing and staying organized is key… stylishly organized that is! While mommy duty calls may no longer allow the luxury of time for dry bars and pedicures post summer, she can still be in style by accessorizing with the perfect “it” bag!

Talking about busy, former Ralph Lauren intern in New York, now Scottsdale-based designer, motivational speaker, published writer, wife and mother of 9-year old boy/girl twins, JR Marriott sums it up well, “I had to design these bags because I needed them to simplify my life.  I craved a stylish leather bag where I could find what I was looking for and that’s what a Tantrum handbag does.  Now when it comes to the rest of my life -- work, dinner, the kids activities and alone time with my husband, I of course take time to plan ahead, but if something comes up that I didn’t plan for then I’ve become super efficient at quickly figuring out what to do right then and act on it or do nothing.” Did I also mention?  She sits on the Board of Directors as a Programs Chair for the Fashion Group International of Arizona.

JR Marriott, Designer and CEO of Tantrum

Flaunting my Lone Survivor Tote with Tantrum Designer JR Marriott

I met JR Marriott, Designer and CEO of Tantrum a few months ago when I won the Lone Survivor Tote by Tantrum, which I adore for its chic looks, posh quality, and its functional interior details. The lavish leather and stud embellishment in vibrant plum hue contrasted with gold chain straps, screamed modern and edgy while the inside pockets and compartments are perfect for sophisticated personal effects.

JR Marriott tells us more about Tantrum:

SV:  What type of woman does your brand cater to?
JM: I design for the 21st century woman.  This woman currently creates outfits by pulling together items from multiple designers instead of how the 20th century woman pulled looks together from one designer to achieve a ‘matchy-matchy’ head-to-toe look.  A cohesive look with unique parts that stand out from one another, yet coordinate and look beautiful together.  This modern-day woman is a multi-faceted woman who wears many different styles for varying meetings or events she attends. Therefore Tantrum offers multiple handbag styles to meet the needs of this woman to coordinate with her ever-changing looks.

Dress/Top by Prabal Gurung
Jaclyn Skirt by Bri Seeley
Pumps by BCBG
Sunnies by DKNY
Lone Survivor Tote by Tantrum

Long Sleeve Top by Target
Skinny Pants by JC Penny
Flats from SM by Parisian
Sunnies by Ray-Ban
Lone Survivor Tote by Tantrum

Long Sleeve Top by Target
Shawl/Poncho by Shawl Dawls
Skinny Pants by H&M
Flats by Zara
Sunnies by Elizabeth Arden
Necklace by Juicy Couture
Lone Survivor Tote by Tantrum

Photo source: Desert Rh1no Photography

SV:  What makes Tantrum handbags unique?
JM:  My intention is to design, select resources and create bags that will last a long time. Therefore we use materials that are beautiful and resilient.  All of our bags are lightweight yet have this incredible depth and feel to them that says luxury.  Our distinctive signature leather from our core collection coupled with our wisely designed interiors proves to be a winning combination. Two innovative features are: (1) every bag is appointed with a unique key chain that magically attaches to our bags in the same spot for reliable access; (2) We call our pockets ‘Pockets with Purpose’ since they come in varying sizes for different items, i.e. iPad, sunglasses, mobile phones, wallets, ear bud pockets, etc., to keep them in place.

Tantrum magnetic key chain and 'Pockets with Purpose'

SV:  What can we look forward to in the next season?
JM: We are currently working on a line of leather bound notebooks that women can carry in our bags. These books will continue the look of a beautiful, organized woman when they are in meetings or out and about that complements their Tantrum handbag.

Use code “CHASINGSHEILA” at checkout to get $75 OFF when you shop online at I’m currently crushing on the jet black “Connected Individual Hobo” which comes with a padded iPad pocket! 

Get yours now and be a trendsetter before Tantrum hits Bloomingdales Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California on September 20th, 2014.

Jet Black "Connected Individual Hobo" by Tantrum

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