Thursday, May 12, 2016

2016 SMoCA M!x: Fashionably Avant-Garde Gala, An Affair to Remember

(Scottsdale, AZ) – On Saturday, May 7th, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Arts (SMoCA) opened its doors for the annual 2016 SMoCA M!X fundraiser and presented contemporary avant-garde fashions by the international couturiers Rocky Gathercole, Elie Madi and Albert Andrada of For The Stars Fashion House, Fouad Sarkis of MNM Couture, and local designers Galina Mihaleva and Antoaneta Balabanova of Galina Couture.

Staying true to “Expect the Unexpected” theme, a battalion of shiny aqua blue skinned mannequins draped in black tulle bordered the valet driveway leading to the red carpet where distinguished guests were welcomed by Fashion Icon and Influencer Oscarde las Salas and Emmy Award-winning Journalist Carey Pena, to its 4th annual event to raise funds to benefit the museum, as well as celebrate arts and style.

Oscar de las Salas and Carey Pena

With SMoCA M!X Ambassador Mrs. Billie Jo Herberger

With Paradise Valley former First Lady Patsy Lowry

With Avant-Garde Knight Rocky Gathercole

The red carpet etiquette is a show in itself! SMoCA philanthropists and supporters did not disappoint in their eveningwear and obliged the strict color codes of black, white, red, silver and gold.  Some shined in their daring yet tasteful attires and some took risks and channeled their inner McQueen, whilst mostly donned no less than a cocktail dress for women and coat and tie for men.  Even more eye-catching are the gorgeous couples in complementing ensembles.

Delectable gourmet bites by Binkley's and Posh, champagne and cocktails were lavishly served (I’m sure I ingested some of the glittery appliqu├ęs on my lips) amidst all night of shoulder-rubbing and entertainment choices, including: outdoor exhibit of Rocky Gathercole’s creations (A-list celebrity garments), indoor fashion jewelry exhibit by Theresa Harness, non-stop alternating dance performances and fashion shows in all galleries via 4 connecting runways, open air live music band, international DJ, cello/concert soloist, photo studio by Jam Sani Photography, cocktail bars, and much more.

A-list Celebrity Garments by Rocky Gathercole 

By the numbers:
10,000 – cost in dollars of an exclusive luxury lounge for 10 guests
400 – guests (and more) who graced the occasion
250 – cost in dollars of a single ticket
200 – red carpet length measured in feet
75 – Rocky Gathercole garments presented on exhibit & the runway
23 – number of private luxury lounges
6 – contemporary dance performances (ASU's Movement Syndicate)
5 – open hydration bars
5 – international avant-garde designers
4 – galleries with interconnecting fashion runways
3 – music genre (live band, DJ Miss Mixx, and cello soloist Matthew John) 
2 – local gourmet chefs (Kevin Binkley and Joshua Hebert)
1 – uber posh and most exclusive evening of the year

Congratulations to SMoCA M!X Creative Co-Chair Oscar de las Salas, Committee Chairs Tracy and Christian Serena and the rest of the community leaders and volunteers for a very successful and fabulous event. 

Photo credits:
See runway photos HERE.

The highly anticipated 2016 SMoCA M!X, ala-MET Ball, lived up to the hype.  It is the first of its kind in Arizona… definitely an affair to remember.  I had a fantastic time with friends...

L-R: Sheila Vertuno and Rocky Gathercole

L-R: Lucena Silang, Pamela Tanedo Tidalgo, Sheila Vertuno, Rocky Gathercole

L-R: Sheila Vertuno, Jacob Meir, Mel Melanie
L-R: Jhenny Morales Evans and Rocky Gathercole

And I had an equally fabulous time collaborating with my art and fashion circle and getting ready for this occasion. Many thanks to Michelle, Stacy, Raquel and are the dream glam team!!!

Gold Evening Dress Designer: Michelle N. Hebert 
Clutch Crown Designer: Stacey Eden of Clutch Jewelry
Hair and Make Up Artist: Raquel Buitizon
Photographer: Jhenny Evans

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