Saturday, March 10, 2012

In my 40's

At 40 - Living a very busy life mostly dedicated to everyone around me, I decided that every year moving forward, I would set a goal and do something just for myself.  A personal goal to grow and re-invent myself.  That was the year I joined a boot camp with my friend Marybeth to jump start my health journey.

At 41 - My son Ivan talked me into It all started with a bet on abs vs. tattoos, but that's another story. While I started a novice with P90Lean, I graduated slowly to the classic P90X.  It was challenging but I absolutely loved it.  I lost 20 lbs down to 132.

At 42 -  Feeling young and more fit than ever, I trained and completed the San Francisco Nike Women's and Scottsdale Women's 1/2 marathons with Team Bling, thanks to Stacey!  I was very proud of myself, but ended up with a left knee injury and had to go through 4 months of therapy to recover...physical therapy that is!

At 43 - Learning from my hubby's extensive orthopedic experience, and with my therapist's advise to rest, I decided to give up running and learn about wines.  Yolanda was my connoisseur.  I quickly discovered that my favorites are Barolo (you can never go wrong with Italian, hence I married one),  Red Zinfandel (any 2009 vintage from Lodi California), and Rioja (2005 Spanish vintage by Marques de Riscal).  Most any other reds in between work too =)

Now 44 - I am venturing into this widespread world of bloggers.  I am not a journalist nor a tech geek to write and design blog sites.  This will be another year of growth opportunity for me.

I thought that "Chasing Sheila" would be most appropriate as I continue to focus on ME - my life, my style, my fashion inspirations, my destinations and my culinary well not cooking, but eating =)

More to come...

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