Saturday, March 31, 2012

Season of Bloom

April 1st is when most of us go ga-ga about cleaning and renewing.

For those who fell off the New Year’s resolution bandwagon, this is your 2nd chance! And if you are a self-diagnosed OCD, like me, you would want to tidy-up and revamp everything.

Here’s top 5 ideas for spring-cleaning, let’s not be fools attacking this in one day after all, there are 30 days in April.

1. Monetize while you organize your closet. You may just make enough to buy that piece you've been wanting. Last year, I earned $70 salon credit for donating my evening wear, shoes and accessories to support their charitable programs. I pocketed $550+ for consigning casual clothing and handbags. Then I dropped off the rest to a non-profit agency near and dear to my heart.

2. Throw away those sweaty mats, exercise outdoors, meet new friends and enjoy the results.

3. Cleansing is another spring trend, however it isn’t really for all. Find out if detox is for you.

4. Raid your pantry of junk and healthy up your diet. Remember, diet only works if well planned and dining out avoided!

5. Change your look, lighten your locks and donate it for a good cause.

Now enjoy the season and your healthful beauty in bloom!

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