Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Inspired by Independent Fashion Blogger #59 Project: The All-Shoe-One-Photo Challenge.

Oh-eM-Gee, this was a challenge! For my body that is...my knees, back and legs are so sore, setting up for this pictorial. Bending up and down to lay all them shoes in place for this one public display.

I have no idea how all these fitted in my tiny (a relative term!) walk-in closet, which by the way also houses my purses and clothes. Oh, and I cannot wait for a handbag photo challenge!

Too many ideas, so little time. So I decided on “Step Into My Party - themed HEART and SOLE” with creative assistance from my dear friend Pamela J.

My other ideas for this IFB project are:

ChasingSheila” - me running away barefoot from shoes.

Why I Married Him” - picture of my hubby surrounded by the mountain of shoes he pampered me with.

Shoe Love Affair” - naked in bed with my lovely pairs :)

It’s Shoe-lection! Exercise Your Right to Vote!” - shoe categories with placards representing several political parties.

I am fortunate that I cannot even fit my whole collection in one frame shot. Several footwear that did not make it to the final cut will benefit a charity organization. I figured if they are not photo-op worthy, then they probably won’t touch my kickers again. I’m sure others will get good use of them - and by the way, my donation items are not in “throw away” condition. I happen to take good care of my shoes, high-end or low–end. I air them out after every use, wipe them down, rest them in their respective dust bags before they are housed back in their original boxes or plastic containers. I do not discriminate!!! And I do not have OCD, and I am sticking to that story!

Well, this is my addiction…este collection =)

 Welcome to my HEART and SOLE party! Cheers!



  1. Loved the way your organized your shoes, you have a'lot! Loving those black Christian Louboutins, can't wait to see them in an outfit!
    Hope you can check out my collection as well: http://widespreadacceptance.blogspot.mx

    1. Hello Ana Sofia. I did check out your site a few days ago via IFB. Believe it or not, setting up shoes on and around the piano was my first idea. I was going to call it FOOTNOTES, and have musical notes cut outs on the wall. Am glad I saw yours, otherwise I would look like a copy cat =) Love the black and white candid shot! Hope you enjoy the rest of my blogsite!

  2. That's a whole lot of shoes !!! I love those Louboutins !!!

    Enter my eShakti GIVEAWAY

    1. Thanks for sharing about eShakti. I like their selections!

  3. Oh my goodness, your shoe collection is huge! No wonder you're tired and sore after setting them all up! Your collection is beautiful :)

    -Mary @ stylethatmoves.blogspot.com

  4. Thanks Mary! Come visit again and join/follow my site.

    BTW, I visited and now follow your site. I love your practical styling!

  5. AAahhh! I love it! I am such a shoe lover! A girl can never have too many shoes or purses in my opinion!!

    1. We obviously share the passion =) Cheers!