Sunday, August 12, 2012


Inspired by International Fashion Blogger #60 Project: Most Memorable Fashion Moment

Too many glamorous occasions witnessed! Too many virgin memories - my first Tiffany, first Loubs, first Hermes

Topping it all, my most meaningful and earliest fashion moment was putting on my mother’s bridal iridescent pearl white patent-leather pointed stilettos when I was a little girl back in the ‘70s. Accented by crystals and silver heels, they looked so elegant. I recall sashaying in front of my brothers and cousins (all boys with toy guns in their hands showing no interest at all), filling only half of each shoe with my then tiny little feet. I wished I were already grown up so I could fit in them shiny gems. This is the only photograph I found in their antique wedding album, her shoes next to his on the night of…

More recently, another fashion moment I will never forget is sharing the ramp with the iconic 1979 Miss International, Melanie Marquez, at Estilo Filipino benefit fashion show almost a year ago. Featuring couture visionaries from the Philippines, Edgar Madamba, Richard Papa and Edgar San Diego. This event brought back memories of my childhood friends: hair and make-up genius, Wilmer Abueg and now famous couturier, Ole' Morabe.


  1. I think it is very sweet that it was your mother's wedding shoes that you thought of as a Fashion Moment. Playing dress up was probably how most of started out whether we knew it at the time or not!

  2. I agree, playing dress up was always fun. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Kristian.