Saturday, December 21, 2013

Emerald Green is so 2013!

Here’s an early fashion highlight for next year – The global authority on color, Pantone, announced the magical Radiant Orchid as the 2014 Color of the Year. 

A unique, intriguing and complex tint, Pantone Color Institute Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman explains what inspired this choice:  “It’s the color that draws you in, it’s a color that speaks to creativity, so wearing it enhances your feeling of being more creative…being more innovative.  And that is very important in today’s life,” says Eiseman during her interview in London last week.  Pantone states that, “Radiant Orchid encourages creativity and originality. Imbued with a harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, Radiant Orchid inspires confidence and its rosy undertones emanate great joy, love and health.”

So there you have it, expect to see gadgets, sports gears, and coffee mugs influenced by this enchanting hue.  Now as far as clothes are concerned, let us NOT all go crazy buying everything purple.  This color is definitely not for everyone and can go very “Barney” wrong so fast.  I like solid colors and so I gathered up my courage to dress in this belted tunic next to gorgeous Susan Casper for Channel 15's Sonoran Living. Luckily it worked! 

If you like bold and fun get ups, consider fabric patterns vs. solids. I am not a big fan of print but this look may be for you

Or try color blocking it with brighter or neutral shades.  No need to match Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid tint perfectly, a tinge lighter or darker may be the right match for your skin tone. 

If the purple family does not compliment your skin tone, do not wear it just to be on trend. Opt to rock it in purse, shoes, jewelries and other accessories instead.

JC Penney Faux Fur Bag, Juicy Couture Tote, Cole Haan Two-Tone Oxfords, Jones New York Scarf

Don't miss out, get your FASH on, keep styling and make a fashion scene.


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