Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Glam and Cam

‘Tis the season for festivities…too bad, Pinoys are not into parties and Kodak moments with peace signs and look-ups. Ha! We all know that’s a big fat lie!

Let me start again…’Tis the season for parties and selfies and everyone is posting their images on insta-web for “look at me” bits.  Here are some points to ponder before, during and after your holiday bash and camera snaps:

  • Dress to impress, one can never be overdressed for a holiday party. Save the punk and grungy look for another occasion.
  • No need for brand new outfits.  Go for the classic – glam up your favorite LBD with appropriate accessories – one or two statement jewels, an evening clutch and stilettos. Forget comfort, the higher the heels the sexier =)
  • Do not wear more bling than the Christmas tree. If you are going for a layered or stacked look, do either the necklaces or the bracelets, but not both.

Sandra Bullock at the premier of "The Proposal," CA, 2009

  • When in doubt, wear red! - Bill Blass

Gabriel Union in a red Bill Blass dress, NY, 2012.
Photo credits

  • Do not show up in a party empty handed, a bottle of pink champagne or a personalized chocolate is a lovely way to thank your party host/hostess.

Harrod's "Pamper Hamper"

  • Enough duck face please! You are prettier when you smile. Take pictures before you get too happy with your drinks, and then put away that camera.  Some moments are better off not captured and posted…really!

  • When I say put away that camera that means including your phone. It’s a live party, not a SIMS virtual party.  Stop texting and enjoy the company. Don’t just hang with the same circle, mingle, welcome and meet new friends.

Photo credits art

  • Here’s a challenging one as the party gets going, my friend Franzy says, “Never take pictures with a drink in your hand”…or worse, in your mouth!  Good luck!

Photo credits Elite Daily

  • Do your loved ones a favor…have a designated driver
  • Finally, remember what you are celebrating and give thanks!  Leave a comment so I can thank you for stopping by =)

What are your holidays "dos and don'ts?"

Not done with holiday shopping yet? Give the gift of fashion, and take advantage of these deals!

Get your FASH on, keep styling and HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Cheers! 



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