Monday, December 10, 2012

Health and Fashion

First day back to healthy life style after a few days of detox.  That means - more fruits and vegetables, organic as much as possible; regular vitamin intake; constant hydration; and early-to-bed-early-to rise routine with no less than 8 hours of sleep (this will be the toughest!).   Then beginning a daily 800-calorie burn workout tomorrow.  

Why this crazy plan before the holidays? …because today is "technically" my last day of work in 2012, well except for a few late meetings here and there.  That means – out of office auto-reply messages, last day for office fashion and casual days are ahead. Time to reward myself with 3 weeks of R&R…yeah!

It only takes 21 days to build a habit, just in time for a healthy 2013 start.  For the mean time, one last corporate look...

Narciso Rodriguez dress
Skaist-Taylor vest
Prada handbag
Enzo peep toes
Ralph Lauren eyewear
Ann Taylor Loft brooch $32

Makers from Cambodia, Italy, Brazil and China.


  1. love the big curls... and not to mention your chic outfit, truly a fashionista.

    1. Thank you, girl. And who did I learn how to curl my hair like that? No other than you, in Vegas baby =) Miss you!