Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Will I Go Ombre Again?

After I grow my hair out…most likely not! Considering how much it costs, I could have bought a designer clutch on sale.

I was pretty leery about this trend to begin with.  I sported this back in 2004 when I skipped the salon and opted for an “8-month un-retouched roots” look. Unfortunately, it was not “in” then. 

Kudos to my hairstylist, Jessica of Dolce Salon and Spa who did a wonderful job in consulting and making me feel comfortable about this experiment.  It took almost 4 hours for roots retouch, foil lifting selected crown sections, hand-bleaching the lower half, full head toner application, shampoo/deep condition, cut and finally style.  I was tired afterwards and I didn’t even do anything but sit.  Ah…the sacrifices we make... LOL!


Foil Lifting

Toner Application


For the mean time, I will enjoy my new hairstyle and all the compliments I am receiving!  And while “brown to blonde” is the more popular ombre, I opted for “dark brown to red” which seems appropriate for Autumn.  Style it straight or curly?


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