Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sports, Fashion and Inspiration

It is unquestionable that sports influence us at many different levels. The depth ranges from it creating an idolizing fan base, to promoting competitive spirit, to inspiring dreams of becoming great athletes, to name a few. It also rouses fashion trends.  

On court, I would say Tennis is most fashionable, shaped by Rene Lacoste, Fred Perry, Andre Agassi, Maria Sharapova and the Williams sisters. Off court, men’s Basketball stars can be seen gracing fashion magazine covers, walking many red carpets and influencing the latest sneakers craze. While most shoes are designed for court performance, others mainly for syle. These ones are definitely made for looks!

Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Guiseppe Zanotti

OK, what I really want to feature here are these two kind-hearted and true champs who tirelessly continue to fight Type1 Diabetes with fitness, one point at a time:

Former high school and college varsity tennis player, Ivan Vidamo, a juvenile diabetic, says, “Occupying my time with tennis and gym not only lets me have a positive outlet from the daily grind but it also helps keep my blood sugar in check.  I like looking good.  And I love shoes” (laughs). Ivan enjoys coaching high school tennis teams and one-on-one weight training.  He is motivated to stay active by his family, friends and followers on social networks.

Local sports enthusiast, Jeigh de Boda, also a juvenile diabetic, competes to fight his disease.  Playing ball helps maintain his blood glucose to normal limits as well as to motivate his co-athletes to continue their journey to good health.  Growing up in lower middle class and a sentimental story deeply rooted in his heart, fired up his passion for sneakers.

Sport is about camaraderie, it is a social gathering that strengthens friendship and promotes brotherhood.  To some of us, sports mean all of the above and more…

Shout out to the Fil-Am Basketball Association (FABA) of Arizona, organized by Bong Molina and Jessie Cabrera, for bringing the Filipino Community together.  FABA holds quarterly leagues in Metro-Phoenix area.  


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