Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bri Seeley Exposed

I spent most of my summer close to my parents who moved back to California just about a year ago.  Dual purpose, while visiting my folks, I stayed with my girlfriend, Bri, to get a peek and write, with her consent of course, about her life as a designer.

Our flat is in the hilly part of Silver Lake with a killer 360-degree rooftop panorama of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, a lookout as far as Santa Monica marina, sight of the famous Hollywood sign, Dodger Stadium area, East L.A. and a bumper to bumper aerial view of cars along Highway 101. Except above Room 4C, forbidden area…that’s another story, the roof is actually a great spot for unwinding or partying.

Bri never missed a day of work. She’s always out the door by 9am, off to her studio in LA Fashion District.  I managed to tag along a couple of times and got a glimpse of her day.  After a double shot of espresso in the morning, she checks her voicemail, replies to her emails and social media queries, and rearranges her calendar for meetings with buyers. At this time of the year, designers are done with their spring/summer collection samples, line sheet and look book, therefore pattern making, cutting or sewing are already done. It’s all about marketing and manufacturing at this point.

After a quick lunch, I did a photo shoot with a few bloggers who came for fitting in preparation for Bri’s 10.10 event.


That took the whole afternoon and well into the evening, though, Bri and I managed to stop by a sample sale before braving the 20-minute drive home through the traffic.

While I gathered a lot of insights about the fashion industry, I also learned that her activities and schedule are not very much different from mine and probably yours as well - long days, meetings, networking and deadlines. So instead of writing about her life as a designer, I thought it'd be more fun to expose 10 things that you do not know about the real Bri:
  1. Her real name is Brianna, nicknamed NaNa
  2. Bri is not the only creative Seeley in town. I actually met the other 2!
  3. Her obsessions are Alliver and Peechez, her kitties.
  4. She prefers champagne over wine. Perfect, I didn’t have to share!
  5. Bri is writing a book like Taylor Swift writes her songs. Get it?
  6. I like it that she doesn’t have a television, therefore music (except Country) is on at home all the time.
  7. She prefers gummies over chocolate. For real?
  8. Bri hates doing the dishes. I know…I lived with her!
  9. Bri makes a mean tiramisu, so she says. I have yet to try and I’ll be the judge!
  10. Finally, her 15th birthday theme was Star Wars. You’re going to have to ask her yourself what character she dressed as.
Join designer Bri Seeley in her L.A. Runway Debut presenting S/S14 “The Silence Collection” at Eden Hollywood on 10/10, 8pm. Bonus - you can buy the clothes off the runway on this site that same night! This event benefits Step Up Women’s Network to help 250 girls from under-resourced communities and help them grow into confident, college-bound, career-ready women.

Click here to get your tickets for VIP experience including a private pre-reception with Bri Seeley, not to mention the swag bags!

Get your FASH on and make an appearance.  See you there!



  1. I also fell in love with her designs and the designer behind the scenes! That's why we are so proud to have Bri as our first designer to try our new pre-ordering system. If you want to support Bri and get exclusive access to her Silence collection you can do so here: http://briseeley.luevo.com/

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ana! It's great for Bri Seeley fans to be able to pre-order her SS14 Silence Collection on line. Her designs are ah-man-zing!