Sunday, September 15, 2013

Freedom with Fashion - Humanity & Education

Expressing artistry in fashion with humanity and education in mind is definitely haute! 

Featured here are designers Efua and Stephanie with very diverse backgrounds in creating beautiful clothes and the inspiration that drives their passion for what they do best.

Stephanie for Stephanie Gentry and Abba for Proverbs By Efua

Efua Mensah-Brown, Chief Creative Officer of Proverbs by Efua  

While her love for fashion started at a very young age, Efua's academic background in Finance and Economics immersed her into the business world.  In the midst of busy company travels that moved and settled her in 5 different countries, women's fashion remained close to her heart.  With a hectic corporate life, Efua grew to appreciate high quality and classic pieces versatile enough to keep up with her profession's daily grind.

It is not until after she first heard about “human trafficking” in 2009 that would inspire her to change course and follow her dreams.  Fast-forward to today, Dubai-based Proverbs by Efua, offers luxury women’s clothing for a cause, contributing 20% of profit to help solve the multi-billion dollar human trafficking problem. In 5 years, her goal is to put up a bigger fight to help eradicate this abuse aiming to raise and donate $75,000.  To most of us it sounds impossible to end this massive and complicated crisis, but to Efua saving one life at a time makes a world of difference. This is her fashion stance for freedom, her “Style of Freedom.”  Efua says, “If we do our part to help one girl, we have helped to make this a better place." 

Hear it from Efua herself...

Stephanie Gentry, Designer of Gentry

Atlanta-based, Stephanie, hit her first major milestone when she won ThunderLily’s Emerging Fashion Designer competition.  ThunderLily is a fashion incubator based in New York with a mission to “Set Fashion Free” by providing tools that enable young designers to fast-track their creations from imagination to reality and help them quickly penetrate the unforgiving almost exclusive fashion business.

Stephanie paved the way to freedom and accessibility for many aspiring designers to pursue their passion. As a forward thinker her vision is to transform the industry by creating technical capabilities that will allow emerging designers the edge, free range and options in producing their designs digitally in 3D.  Stephanie’s brilliant innovation triggered the interest of an Ivy League school, Columbia University who partnered with ThunderLily to develop the 3D software that she currently utilizes.  This technology would literary eliminate geographic barriers and open up a virtual world for remotely located designers to engage and get involved, especially the ones who are not based in couture capitals of the world.

A dream realized for Stephanie, she designed her entire Spring/Summer 2014 Urban Chic Collection in virtual space, true to her mantra, “follow your dreams, no matter how big or small, you never know where they might lead you." 

See how dressing a 3D fashion model looks...

Check out these two designers as they launch their SS14 line during Phoenix Fashion Week at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona on October 1-5, 2013. Click here to get your tickets.

See you there!




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