Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Allure

When designer Allie Olson invited me to style one of Allie Ollie Fall 2013 Collection pieces, I was glad that she selected the Emerald Elegance line for me.  No room for less bright colors this season.  After all, emerald is Pantone’s color of the year!

Green does not complement my skin color.  However, when mixed with gold, grey, and a hint of orange amalgamated into a damask-like pattern, the combination is quite attractive such as shown in this Emerald Elegance Perfect Shrug.  The rich, lively and radiant pattern is a perfect autumn blues fix!

This shrug is so versatile and can easily be incorporated into anyone’s wardrobe.  Click here for ideas on accents and accessories, meanwhile here are a few simple looks: 

Business wear for office and conference events:  Worn as a jacket over a neutral classic one-piece dress, the Perfect Shrug definitely livens a day at work. Keeping it low key with matching beige clutch and Manolo-esque Briti pointed pump.

Evening look for a night out in town:  The Perfect Shrug is cinched on the sides, leaving the front open to show the pearly white H&M top, tucked in a Bri Seeley Jacklyn skirt.  The black beaded vintage purse and black satin Antonio Melani strap shoes give just the right bold contrast to the outfit.  A pair of chandelier earrings pick up the bling embellishment on the jacket and completes the look.

Dressed down for casual weekends:  One cannot go wrong pairing the Perfect Shrug with a cotton top, denim jeans and leather boots. Very comfortable and simple.

Notice the shoes? Trends come and go, but for me closed-toed pointy shoes are always a classic. 

Get your Fall FASH on and happy styling!



  1. Always a pleasure working with you Sheila; we love how many looks you provided for your readers. The Shrug is so versatile, isn't it?!

    1. Glad you loved them, Allie. You are welcome!

      Sheila <3

  2. Sheila, you did a great job showing the versatility of the garment. I liked the creative way you tucked it into the skirt!

    1. Thanks, Kim. Did you notice that it was a Bri Seely Jaclyn Skirt?

      I know we've been in several events at the same time, hope to someday meet you in person...