Thursday, October 3, 2013

Real Women Real Clothes

Hosted by the Los Angeles Fashion Council, LINDEN Spring/Summer 2014 Mosaic Collection will hit the runway at the Grove Shopping Center on October 9th, 2013.

Following my “Does Size Matter?” blog a few months back I’m excited to share about an LA-based designer, who has real women on mind - curvy and skinny, tall and petite…you name it, this couturier got you covered!

I met Jennifer Lynn, owner and creator of LINDEN, at Style Fashion Week LA where she showcased “The Wind Up Bird Collection.” I immediately fell in love with her bold yet effortless style! LINDEN is fashion forward and edgy and still versatile to fuse into existing wardrobe.  The brand is about “embracing the modern bombshell in every woman” says Jennifer.  It is conveniently accessible to all body types, true to its latest campaign “Real Women, Real Clothes.”  Her signature is manufacturing 100% in USA with earth-conscious recycled materials making its production runs often limited for a more exclusive collection.

Watch this video as she talked about her brand and her Real Women Real Clothes project, just before she got selected to vie for the Phoenix Fashion Week Emerging Designer of the Year 2013.  No surprise at all! Congratulations to Jennifer and good luck!!!

In company of 3 beautiful women, Ashley, Stephanie and Cami, I had the opportunity to model several LINDEN outfits.  Like little girls on Christmas morning, with bins and racks of clothes to reconnoitre, we were so excited we didn’t know where to start! It was invigorating to find California-chic clothes that can easily be balanced with our own personal styles.  Standing 5 feet 9.5 inches tall, I was enthused to find trousers that are actually long enough for my legs.

Jennifer gave us the carte blanche to make our own selections, mix it up, and put together several attires.  For the “Real Women Real Clothes” photo shoot we went for comfortable, functional and realistic looks yet confident, fab and fashionable.  Keeping it real, there was no hair and makeup crew, no professional stylists, no artificial illuminations or backdrops to glam us.

With abundance of natural lighting and breath taking views, the rooftop of the Academy Awards Building in the heart of downtown Los Angeles was a perfect location for a perfect day of photo shoot.  See behind the scenes videos…

This is all about celebrating everyday women of normal sizes and figures, thru the lenses of amazing Jeremy Lee.

For the Phoenix Fashion Week runway show at Talking Stick Resort tonight, I wore LINDEN's Classic Moto Leggings with H&M halter top, BCBG soles and my new favorite arm candy, Rebecca  Minkoff leather MAC.  I was not interviewed at the red carpet, but if I was asked why I support LINDEN, I would say, "There is depth in this brand that carries a strong message. LINDEN is 100% made in USA which is great for our economy. The clothing materials are sustainable and eco-friendly, yet rich and comfortable.  I appreciate the "art" in each piece, and I love the combination of LA-chic and edgy style. Finally, it is refreshing to see designs that compliment diversity in real women's figure."

Hosted by the Los Angeles Fashion Council, LINDEN Spring/Summer 2014 Mosaic Collection will hit the runway at the Grove Shopping Center on October 9th, 2013.

Get your FASH on and happy styling!



  1. Loved your Linden outfit! And you looked great at the shoot! Yea, Sheila!

    1. Thanks, Cat. Great to see you and Jada! Let me know when you are back and we'll "make a fashion scene in AZ" together, partner =)