Monday, November 4, 2013

Avant Garde Knight Rocky Gathercole

For the 2nd year in a row, creations by world-renowned Filipino designers rocked the Phoenix Fashion Week runway grand finale.  From fashion forward Furne One in 2012 to avant garde knight Rocky Gathercole in 2013.

Thanks to Scottsdale native, now L.A. based, Arianna Sinclair, producer and representative for both icons, who made these local appearances possible.  Can’t wait to see the next big name…another Filipino talent, I hope.

Sheila Vertuno and Arianna Sinclair

After almost 2 decades of strong base in Dubai, Gathercole Atelier with his atypical, excitingly lavish and insanely artistic designs is now back to his motherland, the Philippines.  Recently in his flagship store in Quezon City (another destination to add to my itinerary for my next visit back home), Gathercole started to break into the wedding scene crafting elaborate bridal gowns for the who’s who of Manila.

Bridal Gown by Rocky Gathercole

Gathercole humbly credits his mentor Vicente Arcaina, who took him to Saudi Arabia for his first job in the fashion industry, before he started designing for “Calash Haute Couture in Dubai.  Shortly after, Gathercole began to push every boundary to deliver his own cutting edge unapologetic designs which jump started his solo career into the empire that we now know as Rocky Gathercole Atelier.  Crafted out of real metal, colorful feathers and full head gears with horns, most of his beginning works were more editorial than wearable…dashingly ferocious. Here are a few shots of his 30-piece show at Phoenix Fashion Week...

Photos by Desert Rh1no Photography, click link for more glam shots.

Watch Rocky Gathercole's intricately designed dresses and gowns rock the Phoenix Fashion Week runway at Talking Stick Resort on October 5th, 2013.

Gathercole's controversial art landed him a spot in International Miami Fashion Week in 2011 and a placement in Vogue’s Special Anniversary issue in 2012.  And just last week, he dressed Becca Tobin, Glee actress and Adrianne Curry, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 1 winner, to walk the ramp at the Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala and Runway Show in Los Angeles.

Rocky Gathercole (left) dressed Becca Tobin (middle) of Glee
Photo credits Metropolitan Fashion Week

Way to go, Rocky!!! Mabuhay kabayan and more power to you!!

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