Saturday, October 20, 2012

Be "Covered in Style"

My friends and family know that I am pretty useless when I am hungry or cold. As long as I have "merienda" (a snack) and a cover-up nearby, I am good to go.

I am easy... I eat anything, well except liver and okra.  And when it comes to sweaters/wraps, I always pick black so it is unnoticeable that I wear the same staple pieces.

Until I DISCOVERED Shawl Dawls, a unique line of versatile shawls, of various colors and prints, that can be styled, not 1… not 2… not 3, but 15+ convertible ways!  That’s like Buy 1 Get 14 FREE, what a great DEAL.   It is light enough for day wear and great for layering in the evening.   It is the absolute accessory for any season of the year.

I caught up with the Shawl Dawls designers, Roshena Chadha and Julie Cruz, during their trunk show at Allie Ollie’s Boutique grand opening in Paradise Valley Mall and learned how this wonderful idea came to fruition and how quickly they built their company from the ground up. Watch...

What I like most is that the Shawl Dawls clothing line is a one-size-fits-all, and we do not have to worry about looking at that number on the tag. Remember vanity sizing? That said, it also makes it a perfect gift for practically anyone – mom, sister, girlfriend, aunt grandma, etc. (Tip: Christmas Shopping)

These shawls can be worn casual or styled elegantly.  It is simple, yet so chic.  Multiple ways to wear it allows a different look for every occasion.  The transformation literally takes seconds, it's amah-zing! You have to see it to believe it!

See the complete How-to-Style video that incorporates a belt, a brooch and other accessories for additional ways to wear.  Hmm, I forgot to ask about Man-Dawls styling, hopefully Roshena or Julie would leave a comment and give us the scoop =)

As for me, a black canvas underneath "Covered in Style" with a pretty-in-pink Shawl Dawls shawl. I love it!

Shawl Dawls cinch style long shawl
Gap top $2.99
Gap Leggings
Big Buddha belt
Chloe handbag
Nine West boots
Chanel earrings and ring
Monet necklace
Hermes bracelet



    1. Hi @Anonymous

      Thank you...I wish I know who you are =) Shawl Dawls have stores in AZ and CA, and also online. I cannot wait for their winter line ...animal prints!