Sunday, October 28, 2012

Posh... Not Scary

The kids are still counting down to October 31st for disguising as ghosts, Disney princesses, or super heroes to go trick-and-treating around the neighborhood and collect goodies.

On the other hand, the adults may have already displayed their costumes in this past weekend’s festivities most probably competing in a Halloween Costume Challenge / Contest, much like the IFB #70 project. Several of my friends go all out to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve, as it is their Christmas Eve.

I may not have dressed up in spooky attires during fright parties but I wouldn’t want to mess with these women… can you recognize who?

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What can I say, I like playing English characters.  And for my next costume - a bob wig, an oversized sunglasses, a birkin and a DIY life-size cut out for my date. It would definitely be POSH... not scary!

Happy safe halloween to all!!!


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    1. Thank you for visiting! We'll see if I can pull off my next Halloween get up =)