Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Play Date

It was in the 50s when I woke up this morning, and before sun down it was up to almost 80 degrees.  We are definitely skipping the season of Spring and are well on our way to Summer. That means wool is out, denim and jersey in. 

After our play date at Dave & Busters, Gabe and I took advantage of the weather outdoors.  Recently without training wheels, he is already showing off riding his bike standing up.  And such a friendly little guy, he made sure to say hello to everyone that walked or biked by.

What a perfect Sunday! Gotta love it.

Top from Divaz Boutique
Jeans by Levi Strauss
Flats by Zara
Bag by Louis Vuitton
Hat (gift) $0
Eyewear by Donna Karan
Accessories by Anne Klein and Juicy Couture

Makers from China, Philippines and Italy

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