Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Style Fashion Week LA Fall 2013

It was merely an hour flight to Long Beach, after a laid back pre-board wait at the newly renovated US Airways Club at Terminal 4 of Sky Harbor Airport on Thursday afternoon.

But my drive from Cerritos to downtown L.A.’s fashion district that evening was anything but relaxing!  And the nervy stroll from the parking lot, 2 blocks over to Vibiana for Style Fashion Week LA runway event was as edgy as my outfit.

  With Designer, Bri Seeley

With Fashion Stylist Franzy Staedter & Taniya Ahmed of Shawl Dawls

On the contrary, I had an awesome time meeting up with my fashionista peeps at the red carpet and making new acquaintances from all sorts of arty background.  It was amazing to experience the tight network of the designers, stylists, actors, bloggers, retailers, etc. backing and cheering each other.  The night was literally oozing with passion and talent.

                   Bri Seeley                              With Lamar Legend                           Franzy and Lamar

Let the sashay begin!

Lights, camera and runway at Vibiana

First was Linden Fashion's Fall 2013 "The Wind Up Bird Collection." Linden Fashion is a contemporary, fashion forward, California-chic line, created by Jennifer Lynn. Supportive of "green revolution," Lynn regularly makes use of recycled materials in an effort to reduce her production's carbon footprint, hence a more desirable, limited and exclusive brand.

The Wind Up Bird Collection Fall 2013 by Linden Fashion

My favorite look by Linden Fashion, designed by Jennifer Lynn

Linden models final walk

Second up was Madisonpark Collective Fall/Winter 2013, designed by Trey Alligood III, bringing vintage American garment a modern twist. Like Linden Fashion, Madisonpark Collective's high-quality garment is made from reclaimed and recycled fabrics that includes eco-friendly and water-efficient processing and washing.  Alligood's Fall collection had a rugged and rustic feel, yet amazingly refined.  The presentation included an energetic opening, mid and closing dance sequence.  Overall, the show was entertaining and HOT! 

Madisonpark Collective designer, Trey Alligood lll (center)

After party with Jennifer Lynn and Lamar Legend at the Edison

Thanks for stopping by.  Get your FASH on and happy styling!


Ralph Lauren Eyewear
Chanel Accessories
525 America Top
Gap Brassiere
H&M Pants
Enzo Angiolini Peep Toes
Vintage purse (gift) $0

Makers from China and Italy



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