Sunday, March 3, 2013

More Shoes Less TV

Now back to blogging after 6 weeks of hiatus…

What a long move, though not from far, so glad I am finally all settled in my new crib.  I cut my already short commute to half, now only a whopping 2-mile, 6-minute drive to work. No complains about gassing up once every 5 weeks!

With my son having his own place, my 4-legged babies all gone to pet heaven, and my parents migrated to sunny California, I’ve moved from 6 to 4 bedrooms in 2010, and now to just 2 bedrooms at the end of 2012.  While I miss my family so much, this minimalist lifestyle is very liberating and I am loving it.  Oh no, no, no…not downsizing my closet, my shoes need home! In fact, that continues to be one of the bigger rooms =) Just right-sizing the rest of the house, like there is no need to have cable TV in the bathroom, kitchen, garage and patio.  Or a fireplace, fire pit and outdoor heating lamp…well, we still have a fireplace, but one is better than 3.

More clutter-clearing yet to do but for now, enjoying the last bit of chilly morning outdoors…

Marvin Richards jacket
Proenza Schouler sweatshirt
H&M pants
Old Navy shoes
Beechers Brook Cashmilan pink scarf
Gray scarf $0 gift
Elizabeth Arden eyewear

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