Friday, March 29, 2013

Street Style at MIM Rocks Fashion 2013

No doubt, it was a pleasurable night with my girls at MIM Rocks Fashion 2013.  

My besties enjoyed the days and hours leading up to the event... planning out and shopping for their outfits, getting nails done, hairstyle by Regis, make-up by MAC, etc.  But hey, that's exactly what we love about being a girl!  They all looked fantastic as they graced the red carpet. Oh wait, there was no red carpet, I guess they're going "green." 

Here are some fun moments in stills, the rest of the night is just too much fun to capture =)

Thanks for stopping by.  Get your FASH on and happy styling!


1 comment:

  1. Great pics, Sheila!! And thanks for including us in your blog. :) Was a fun night for sure. Can't wait till the next fashion show!
    Lisa (posting as anonymous as I don't have google or blogger profile yet)